Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tonight we are staying with Shelly Ceglar's mother, Jean Bakka.

Minor change of plans again.  Tomorrow will be a short day--riding 37 miles from the headwaters to Bemidji.  I have "work" things to do (I know it is supposed to be a vacation but some things I could not delegate) and need the time.  Also, Cathy and I will probably do about 12 miles in Itasca State Park.

I exchanged emails today with Bob Robinson, the author of the book I mentioned in my first posting.  He advised me of some route changes and gave me a couple of other tips.

Thunderstorms forecasted for tonight and late tomorrow afternoon.  Chance of precipitation is about 25% most of the day so I may get damp.

Below is the view from Jean Bakka's yard.  Most call it a pond.  Cathy, from the time she was very young growing up here calls it Bakka Lake.

Somehow, the only picture I got of the family has everyone but Jean.  Her sister Donna has her back to us.  Nancy, her daughter, and Nancy's son Garrett are having a conversation about the meat being grilled.  Shelly is hiding behind my wife.
I swear this guy said you are going to do what??


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  1. It was wonderful to visit with you and cousin Cathy at the Bakka farm! We are all excited for your adventure on two wheels and look forward to living vicariously through your blog and photos. You both are very inspiring! Peddle on.... -Nancy