Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This was not the day I expected.  The weather forecast was for wind out of the NNE.  This would be effectively a tailwind.  I did not take long for it to switch to ENE and sometimes just E.  While not a headwind, it was usually a crosswind.  Add to that a temperature mostly in the 90's and humidity around 75% and it was a draining day.  Also, I rarely saw the river.  I was mostly in Illinois farm country.  It would have been an enjoyable ride had it not been for the heat and wind.

Here is my last view of the river for several hours as I left Muscatine, IA on the bridge to IL.

Muscatine was once known as the "Button Capital of the World"  Cathy spent a lot of time in the Muscatine History and Industry Center learning about Buttons.  Check out her Facebook page at

I couldn't help noticing that at least one business on this street had buttons embedded in the concrete at their entrance
While I mostly saw cornfields, at one point I came across a crop I had seen a lot of in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but not much of in Iowa or Illinois.  This is a soybean field at the end of the season.
A bit farther down the road, I found this crop.  I have no idea what it is.  Perhaps someone reading this can identify it for me.

Cathy met me for lunch at Delabar State Park.  It was a chance to get out of the heat for a while.  After that, the only thing I saw of interest was the Henderson County Covered Bridge.

The destination was Fort Madison.  I quit fighting the heat and humidity in Dallas City where Cathy picked me up.  She will ferry me back to there in the morning for the ride to Hannibal Missouri.
Data for the day:

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