Monday, September 12, 2016

Sharon fixed us a great breakfast and told us to hang out as long as we want. 

We're in no hurry to start as we are going downtown and want all of the morning rush to be over.  It will be a short ride to Prescott, WI.  Also, I need to find a car wash that can take our car with bike rack on it.  In the process of unloading the camping gear at home, I also unloaded the toolbox that had the wrench and, more importantly, the key to lock for the rack.

I found some super glue for the phone mount.  I'm hoping that together with Darrell's bolt, it may work as intended.  If not, I'm going to find another one.  It has proven too handy to lose.

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  1. Sharon is always a great hostess! Fueled up to hit the road. I'm enjoying reading your blog Bill!