Monday, September 26, 2016

No riding yesterday.  We spent the day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  What a beautiful site.  I took about a hundred pictures.  When we finally retuned to the hotel, it was time to watch the debate. 

I'll post pictures from the Gardens later today. 

We spent this morning taking care of some mechanical issues on my bike.  I'm about to go for a short ride to tomorrow's start point.  I'll update on that as well this evening.

Here is one teaser picture from the gardens.

We started outside with the most amazing lily ponds I've ever seen.  I want Carmen, my coworker at the nursery to find some of these for our customers :)

The geodesic dome you see in the background above is the Climatron.  Here they exhibit plants from the world's rainforests with a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

 The Sycamore Fig
How big is your Peace Lily?
Those who know me will not be surprised that my favorite part was the Japanese Garden.  This is also the largest area and has something for everyone.
Conifers, art, water features, Japanese maples, Koi (that you can feed) and a tremendous sense of tranquility:

They are really aggressive about being fed.
There is an area designed to attract butterflies

And even a succulent area

From there, we went to the waterfront for the obligatory view of the Gateway Arch



  1. Today I am with 6th graders reading about your trip. It is amazing how far you have peddled. We all watched the debate. Students are interested in politics. Some want to know who are voting for. And some want to know how far you have biked since you left Canada.

    1. I was a Hillary fan 8 years ago. I wanted her for president then and still do. Among other things, I believe she cares more about ensuring everyone has the opportunity for a good education, from pre-K through college.

      Including the miles I rode from the Canadian border, I have now ridden over 1350 miles.

  2. I love the MO Botanical Gardens! My kids and I spent many happy hours there as they were growing up. The Japanese Garden is not to be missed. And the Climatron provides winter weary locals a great escape in winter. We enjoyed orchid shows in January, looking out of the geodesic dome into snow drifts. We pretended we were in Hawaii.