Sunday, September 11, 2016

A glorious start to the day. Sunrise over the lake.

Our gracious host for the last three days.  Darrell is a tennis pro who teaches tennis at a dude ranch in Tucson Arizona.  He gets summers off because no one wants to play tennis (or do much of anything else outdoors) in the summer in Tucson.  He is also a musician and singer and performs at a piano bar.  He entertained us a bit here one evening.

And he is a bit of a Mr. Fixit.  He appears to have fixed my broken phone mount by driving a bolt through the shaft between the mount and the ball the phone holder sits on.  Here's hoping.

I'll be riding to Minneapolis from Clearwater today.  We'll be staying with Sharon tonight.  I'm hoping to find a place to watch the Seahawks game.

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  1. So nice that you spent time with Darrell. I recall his piano playing, singing, and that awesome fresh fish fry!