Friday, September 16, 2016

A little bit of a downer to start the day.  This was the second time I have left my bike on the car overnight.  Our motel was only lightly occupied, it was pouring rain (I protected the saddle) and our car was right outside our room.

This morning I found someone had stolen the phone mount (that I had finally totally repaired using epoxy) and my wedge bag that hangs from my saddle.  The bag is the biggest loss because it held a spare tube, the levers I need to get the tire back on, my multi-tool and a small pair of pliers I had bought so that I could remove the tiny wires that can sometimes penetrate a tire causing a flat.  It was also the mount for one of three rear lights I have on during a ride.

It's an 85 mile day today and  I have to find a bike shop.  The rain has stopped but I'm pretty sure I'll get wet while the temps remain in the upper 60s and low 70s.

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