Friday, September 23, 2016

This was just the day I needed.  After a day of no riding, a short 30 miler was perfect for getting my legs loose again.  I also must admit I wimped out a bit.  The distance to Louisiana, MO from Hannibal was about the same whether I stayed on the Missouri side or crossed the bridge and cycled through Illinois.  This is the elevation profile for Missouri.

This is Illinois

The views were supposed to be about the same so, with the philosophy "It's about the journey, not the destination", I went for the more pleasant journey.  I make no apologies.
Leaving Hannibal.  Wind was still out of the south but only 3-5 mph.  A most pleasant change.
The open road and a view that goes on forever.  These are the first pictures I have taken without stopping and getting off the bike.  Look ma, no hands!

The view of the bridge over the river to Lousiana (remember, this is a town in MO, not a state)
The bridge was narrow, two lanes and no shoulder but at least it was paved and the grade was not too steep.
The highest point in Lousiana is a nice little bluff park with great views. 

The only house with the same view
I was in town so early we went for a drive.  The town of Clarksville is a few miles downriver. This is the entrance to their riverfront park.


Until a couple of years ago I would not have known what a picker was.  This little town is loaded with antiques and antique stores.

Their riverfront park tells about the many floods the town has experienced over the years.  You can see here how high the river is now and they are expecting it to rise a few feet more because of all of the rain up north.  I might be experiencing some heat, but I missed the big storms in Minnesota and northern Iowa.  Cathy could not resist the opportunity to check out the water. I stuck my toe in too.  The water was not cold at all. 
Data for the day.  My power meter seems to have died.  I'm trying to contact the manufacturer to see if there is something to fix.

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