Sunday, October 9, 2016

Yesterday started well and ended badly.

The public boat launch and landing in Greenville, a couple of blocks from out hotel.  The shadows are Scott and me as we prepare to start our 112 mile ride to Vicksburg.

Scott--enjoying the decreased weight on his touring bike.  Trust me, it is still really heavy compared to my road bike.

We had few photo ops but this one jumped out at us both.  I especially loved that it is called Lake Washington.

This was a bitter sweet commentary on the area.  A small graveyard next to a long abandoned house showed signs of current care combined with long neglect.

Our riding route included about 12 miles on a levee road.  This would have been a lot more enjoyable if almost half of it had not been dirt and gravel.  This appeared to be a temporary home for Hwy 465 and we saw signs of road construction that may someday make this an enjoyable bike ride.

While we enjoyed a tailwind most of the day, our route eventually turned northward to meet Highway 61 for the final push to Vicksburg.  I could not resist stopping for yet another view of Kudzu.

Unfortunately, not long after that, the ride came to an unexpected stop--one that may end the bicycle trip for me.  While riding past some houses, two dogs charged out.  Scott was riding close behind me and when one dog lunged at him appearing to try to bite him, he swerved into me.  His front tire apparently slipped between my wheel and my right seatstay.  I was thrown immediately to the ground.  While I was not hurt more than some mild road rash on my knee and elbow, the seatstay (the part of the frame that goes from below the saddle post to the rear hub) was broken (I never found the missing piece) and the derailleur also likely damaged.

 The damage to my bike is fatal.  We also learned there is no bike shop of any kind in Vicksburg.  The nearest is nearly 50 miles away toward Jackson.  Monday, we will see what if any options are available to me to continue riding.

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