Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I feel like I am on vacation from the vacation.  We tried to see an art exhibit but, despite its entry in a local "what's going on", it had not yet arrived at the venue.  After two more aborted attempts to see something cultural, we did the next best thing--lunch including ice cream for desert and a movie. 

After seeing "The Girl on the Train", we stopped by the bike shop.  They were nearly done and it was nearly closing time.  I should have my "new" bike fairly early tomorrow.

I got to thinking about it and realized I have been on a black/red alternating color scheme for about 30 years.  I had a black Fuji bike when Cathy and I met.  It was stolen from our "secure" apartment in Capitol Hill.  I then got a red Trek bike that I rode for over 15 years.  When we agreed I deserved an upgrade, I bought a black Rodriguez that served me really well. When a thief broke into our basement and stole my old Trek (missing the Rodrigquez that was in the garage), the insurance mostly bought my red Specialized Roubaix.  I would likely have been riding that but what I thought was a chip in the paint turned out to be a crack in the carbon that may have been developing for a couple of years.  Specialized provided a "crash warranty" replacement (essentially a bike at wholesale price) that was a black Roubaix.  The new frame I am getting now is a Trek and is red and white.

Stay tuned.  I expect to be in Vidalia, Lousiana Friday night.

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