Monday, October 17, 2016

For the first 21 miles today, my D- grade for Louisiana's MRT route was unchanged.  The two highways I was on either had no shoulder with traffic, or a poorly maintained shoulder with traffic.  While the roads were smoother than yesterday, there was still no scenery and little to recommend.

Finally, as I neared Baton Rouge on the business route, the traffic abated somewhat and the road conditions improved.  I stopped by the old state capitol building to meet Cathy as I needed to find a bike shop for some supplies.

After replenishing my supplies and enjoying a latte and a muffin at a local coffee shop, Cathy returned me to the MRT route where I was able to ride the levee trail for a few miles.  I actually got a brief glimpse of the river from the trail.

Their levee trail is even lighted for about 4 miles.

A couple of miles down the road I saw a small pond with a large number of white cranes.  I swear they are camera shy.  As I was getting out my phone to take the picture, most of them took off.

That was pretty much it for any scenery.  I followed the levee for over 30 miles.  At least the road was pretty good and the busy traffic going my way counteracted the mild headwind and I made good time to the day's end of the route.


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