Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The penultimate day! 

Another day of riding beside the levee for a while and then I got to get up on it!  Not to get too excited though.  Trees blocked my view of the river a lot.  However, when I could see it, I could see how different is this stretch of the river.  This is the commercial end with oil refineries, coal processing and steel mills lining the river in places.

Riding beside the levee
Seen from beside the levee - a hint of things to come

Riding on the levee - glimpses of the river

The levee trail

The cranes working beside the levee
I had about 4 miles on the levee before finding myself back in residential and farming land. One sure sign you are in Louisiana is the Spanish moss on the live oak trees.

Also, a new crop - sugar cane

 When I turned onto Spillway road, I got a different look at the commercial vessels.
and Industrialization
From the ridiculous to the sublime, I met Cathy at Audubon Park in New Orleans.
Going through New Orleans, I enjoyed seeing how at least one person goes crazy in preparation for Halloween

I got lost trying to get out of New Orleans.  I forgot that the primary direction of travel here was East and, because it sits within a loop of the river, I really did need to go north to get farther south.
I would love to have taken a picture of the ferry I was on to cross the river but that was when my phone died.
Data for the day (my third straight day of riding into a mild headwind)


  1. 3rd grader, Sophia writes, "Hi Bill. I have been learning about you at school. You are so cool. Also I wish I could be like you and travel the world."

  2. 3rd grader Ava writes, "Hi Bill! I wanted to tell you I LOVE your pics."

  3. Rylee writes, "I wish I could come with you. It looks so much fun. I can't belev you could do that. I LOVE your picks. They are so coooool!!!!"

  4. Aalyah writes, "You are amazing. I like you."

  5. 3rd grader Ezekiel writes, "Hello. Mrs. C. told me a lot about you. I like the stuff you talk about. (smiley face drawn)

  6. Aubrey writes, "Did you like the Skting (skeletons)?"

    Mrs. C. would like to thank you for writing such descriptive posts and adding pictures of nature, city architectures, and unique items for us to see. Using the maps and data helped students see how we can use these things even on a bike ride! (Technology, Reading, Science, Math and Social Studies) Miigwech! Thank you!

  7. Jack, 3rd grader asks," What is it like riding in the rain?"