Thursday, October 13, 2016

A good part of the day was spent finding lodging for the next three days.  There is a balloon festival near tomorrow's destination and everything within a reasonable distance and for a reasonable rate is booked solid for Friday and our destination planned for Saturday is even more heavily booked.

We found a motel that does not accept reservations.  Cathy is heading straight there tomorrow.  They have assured us that by the time she gets there they will still have available rooms.  Because of the lack of lodging Saturday, we are staying there two nights and I guess we will take in the balloon festival.  The last push to the Gulf starts on Sunday.

The rest of the day was spent anxiously waiting to hear from the bike shop.  They called around 4:00 and my bike is ready to go.  For those who care about such things, the new frame is a Trek Domane Six Series.  I'll have a picture tomorrow.

If you find yourself in Jackson, Mississippi needing bike service, I could not recommend more highly Indian Cycle and Fitness.  If I had to wait for a crash replacement from Specialized, I would be here at least until mid-week next.  Daniel knew how important this was for me and made sure the bike was ready today.

Tomorrow I ride!

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